[Nitrox 1.11]

The filter bank consists of two stereo filters. The cutoff frequencies can be controlled separately for each stereo channel. For ease of use they can be connected via buddy buttons which in this case not only synchronize the parameter but also the associated modulation unit. The other parameters apply to both stereo channels.


  1. Type
  2. Cutoff L and R
  3. Width
  4. Resonance
  5. Sense
  6. Saturation
  7. Output

All parameters except Type and Output are equipped with a modulation unit.


Type lets you choose the filter type. The following filter types are available:

  1. Off: the signal is routed through the filter without effect
  2. Low Pass
  3. Hi Pass
  4. Band Pass, the width of the band is controlled by the Width parameter
  5. Band Stop, the width of the band is controlled by the Width parameter

Each filter type can be applied with 12dB or 24dB steepness.


Cutoff L and R

Cutoff L and Cutoff R control the cutoff frequency of the filter for each stereo channel separately. The range is from 1Hz to 18KHz.



Width controls the bandwidth of the band pass and band stop filter types. For low and high pass filters this parameter has no effect.



Resonan. controls the resonance of the filter. There is an automatic protection agains self oscillation.



Sense makes the cutoff frequency adapt to the currently played note's frequency.



Saturat. controls the gain into a soft clipping device in the output and feedback channel of the filter which enables a really fat sound.



Output controls the routing of the filter's output. A filter can be routed to the subsequent filter (of course only Filter 1), to any of the three effects or to the Nitrox general output.



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