Mini Sequencers

[Nitrox 1.11]

Nitrox comprises five mini sequencers to configure rythmic patterns and trance gates real quick. The mini sequencers can be assigned to ADSRs by setting their trigger parameter accordingly. It is then lined in between the keyboard or MIDI input of Nitrox and the ADSR, i.e. the mini sequencer is controlled by the keyboard events, whereas the ADSR is controlled by the sequence the mini sequencer generates.

The mini sequencers window can be opened using the following button which can be found in the main window's tool bar:

The mini sequencers window has its own tool bar with the open, save, copy and paste buttons in the top right corner and the mini sequencer selector in the top left corner:

Each mini sequencer has five parameters on the left hand side and a sequence display on the right hand side.

Sequence Display

The sequence display has a number of timing slots. The number of the slots and resolution in terms of beats can be set via the respective parameters Length and Resolution. For each slot the output velocity can be configured by creating a bar with the desired height. Slots can be glued together like the first three slots in the image above. Glued slots have only one bar and, therefore, only one note on / note off pair is generated.

The following operations can be applied to the sequence display:

Create a single bar left-click into an empty slot
Modify bar left-click into a non-empty slot + dragging up/down
Delete a bar left-click into a non-empty slot + dragging below the lower border
Create a sequence of bars left-click + Shift in the start slot and dragging over all slots of the desired sequence. In the above image the bars starting a 4q were generated with this method.
Glue slots together left-click + Alt in the start slot and dragging over the slots to be glued to the start slot (only right of the start slot). In the above image the first 3 slots are glued together.
Note, that glueing of slots will survive the deletion of the respective bar.


  1. Sense
  2. Length
  3. Resolution
  4. Mode
  5. Duration


Sense controls the impact of the input velocity on the output velocity of the mini sequencer. A value of 0% means no impact, i.e. the velocity of the generated note on events only depends on the defined sequence. A value of 100% means that the input velocity defines the maximum velocity value of the generated sequence.



Length defines the number of sequence slots in the range 1 .. 32.



Resolution determines the length of a sequence slot in terms of beats. The options are:

  • 1/8
  • 1/16
  • 1/32



Mode detemines the operation mode of the sequencer. The options are:

  • loop
  • one-shot



Duration defines the note length generated for each slot in the range 10% to 100% of the slot length.



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